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Landeskrankenhaus Hohenems

Project info
Land: Österreich
Project name: Landeskrankenhaus Hohenems
Bereich: Medizinische Versorgung
Applikationen: Netzanalyse und Energiedatenerfassung mit Zuordnung der Kostenstellen
UMG 507 # 52.15.004 5 Geräte
UMG 96S # 52.13.029 52 Geräte
EM3-80 # 14.01.320 25 Geräte
Modbus, RS485 Zwischen allen UMG 507
und UMG 96S
M-Bus Zwischen allen M-Bus-Kommunikationsmodulen (EM3-80)

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Project Description

The Palace of Arts in Budapest provides space for smaller exhibitions, theatre rooms and for 3 bigger institutions. The quality of the electric energy of such a significant establishment on European level is an important question in the operation of the building. The determination of the required capacity, the consumption, the harmonics as well as the observation of the reactive and effective power and, nevertheless, recording the power disturbances make up a big part of the project. We chose the UMG 605, because it perfectly suits to the requirements of the network parameters determined by the Hungarian MSZ EN 50160 standard. Providing the right quality of electric power for the establishment is a key question for the operator because of the theatre and the TV broadcasts. In order to make analysis more precise the entire data are saved in a database. The communication between the monitoring station and the devices is carried out on the inside network via Ethernet port. The mobile device, which is developed by the Hunyadi Kft. and which is part of the project, makes the single measurements possible. JANITZA current transformers are included in the mobile device next to the UMG 605.

Customer Benefits

With the help of the energy monitoring system, which consists of eight UMG 605 devices, and despite the changing conditions from evening to evening, the customer is able to monitor the parameters indicating the power network’s quality, which is essential for reliable operation. The installed energy monitoring system allows to monitor and compensate the reactive power. The overload of the engrossed capacity can be avoided by monitoring the online data. The mobile device allows single monitoring on engines and on theatre rooms.